Please note that all the accommodation, restaurant and economic activities
that in Matera are located in the Sassi, included in the list of
A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993, they are part of a
site regulated by a special law of parliament, i.e. Law 771/86 and subsequent amendments.
mod. and integral, which imposes the CONSERVATIVE RESTORATION of the assets
properties in the Sassi.

These regulations prevent both the Municipality, as regards the
public properties such as streets, stairways and squares, and to private individuals within
buildings and other properties privately owned or held under sub-concession, to
make architectural changes of any kind, even those that should
carried out to adapt the reality of the Sassi to national regulations, as they are
in derogation. This area includes the presence of architectural barriers, the
lack of emergency exits in the premises, the absence of ramps for disabled people etc
 generating a conflict with other National laws,  just to protect the
Sassi, as the first priority.

For these reasons there are numerous steps both to reach the property
that inside the rooms, ancient staircases that are often steep, slippery and irregular and with steps of
uneven height, flooring a little uneven in some places, etc.

For these reasons, we reluctantly reiterate that it is strongly
not recommended for those who have motor disabilities, walking problems or
visually impaired people to stay at our facility. Unfortunately, we are not an adequate accommodation for people with disability, nor can we call ourselves such only for economic purposes, going against the safety of our guests, the most important thing for us.

Furthermore, in our property we do not accept animals (including guide dogs) because our rooms have exposed rock and limestone walls, a very porous rock, with very delicate maintenance and unfortunately not water-repellent, which absorbs odors very easily, hairs, stains and secretions, with a very complex sanitization (we sanitize with natural products or with ozone which in any case would not remove bad odors and stains or the risks for  animal allergic subjects).

In any case, if
contacted, we can suggest other accommodation facilities outside the perimeter
of Sassi, in line with the adaptation of architectural barriers.
We are sure that we have clearly illustrated the reasons for these notes
restrictive, established in the exclusive interest of the guests and to protect theirs