Features and historical curiosities:

Partially excavated in the rock, is softened by the high vault of the eighteenth century. In the rock it’s still possible to see some sea fossils, dating 2.000.000 years old. It was built in 1756, and is still divided into two rooms, the first elegant and residential space with the high frescoed ceiling and a second room where there was the kitchen of the abbots: nowadays, in the chimney there is a hydromassage shower. It has a beautiful view from the shared terrace of entrance, where you can see a wonderful panorama of  the Monastery of Sant’Agostino (AD 1596), the Canyon Gravina and the Archeological Park of the Rock Churches (UNESCO). In the room there is a window on the vault, therefore without view, but remotely manageable (with button to open / close and to obscure it) and a small window on the ceiling (where there was originally the flue of another chimney).

After the abbots lost the property of this palace, this room became a private house until 1958. “Quaparraun” is, indeed, the nickname of the last family that lived here before the displacement of the Sassi in the 1950s and in dialect “Quaparraun” means “Stubborn”.