Features and historical curiosities:

Unique environment, entirely carved into the rock 5 centuries ago, it is accessed from the large shared panoramic terrace that can be enjoyed comfortably seated on armchairs outside. The breathtaking panorama ranges from the Sasso Barisano to the Civita with the beautiful Cathedral up to the Canyon Gravina and the Archaeological Park of the Rupestrian Churches.

The exposed rock and marine fossils (dating back to 2 million years ago) offer the memorable experience of staying in a cave with the most modern comforts and services while respecting natural spaces and its history.

The bathroom has a wonderful shower wrapped in the rock, unique and unrepeatable.

The room has a small window above the access door, which can be opened remotely by buttons (viewable in image number 9).

It was inhabited from generation to generation since Middle Ages, until the 1950s, years of the displacement of the Sassi: the last inhabitants were, in fact, the members of the family nicknamed “Sapaun” who lived there, in fact, until to the 50s. “Sapaun” which gives its name to the current room in Matera dialect  means “soap” as it referred to the fact that the head of the family manufactured soap.


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Palazzo degli Abati | Matera | photo © Pierangelo Laterza