An excellent source of nutrients

Bog bilberries (Vaccinium uliginosum) are called called odon in Swedish. As their name implies, they tend to be found in boggy areas. The berries are bluer and bigger than bilberries. Unfortunately, odon are pretty boring to eat and so they are seldom picked deliberately, although many commercial jars of blåbärssylt often contain a few odon, not enough to make a difference to the taste.

Blueberries (Vaccinium corymbosum) grow on bushes that grow to about 1.5 m (5′) tall with each bush bearing about 3 kg (7 lb) of berries. The berries are bluer, larger but a bit blander than bilberries.

Blueberries (vaccinium corymbosum) are loved by supermarkets everywhere because they keep well as they contain a natural preservative. Since the taste fades with time, it’s worth checking when they were picked if possible, certainly don’t buy them if they look dried out or if some of them are mouldy, because that probably means that they are very old.