Features and historical curiosities:

Entirely excavated into the rock in the Middle Ages, this open-space Suite develops in length with 3 comfortable and functional spaces: as soon as you enter there is a living area with a spacious sofa and a relaxation corner with minibar; continuing, in a slightly higher area, you arrive in the sleeping area with the double bed, wardrobe area and TV with adjustable arm.

A glass door leads to the luxurious salle de bain with a large bathtub and a huge waterfall shower.

In the bedroom there is a remotely adjustable window above the access door (visible in the last image).

It overlooks a shared panoramic terrace with comfortable armchairs to admire a breathtaking view that goes from the Sasso Barisano to the Civita with the beautiful Cathedral up to the Canyon Gravina and the Archaeological Park of the Rock Churches.

This environment, until the 1950s, was mainly a home, generally handed down from father to son; subsequently the Sassi were displaced and abandoned; “Pignatidd”, in fact, refers to the nickname in Matera dialect of the last inhabitants before the displacement of the Sassi wanted by the De Gasperi Law of 1952. “Pignatidd” in English is untranslatable: it was a nickname, in dialect, which referred to the owner as he was a craftsman who manufactured the characteristic terracotta containers that were used for the “Pignata”: a typical dish, made with sheep meat, potatoes and vegetables, baked in the oven, precisely in the Pignata covered by a lid of leavened dough.

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Palazzo degli Abati | Matera | photo © Pierangelo Laterza