Features and historical curiosities:

It has a terrace and a window overlooking the plateau of the Murgia with its Archeological Park of the Rock Churches and the Sasso Barisano. Built in 1794 with the first enlargement of the palace of the Abbots, has a decorated XVIII century vault, and the original terracotta floor. It was the bedroom of the abbots of the biggest Rock Church of the Sassi: San Pietro Barisano, dating back to the XIII century. After the Abbots lost the property of the palace, it was shared among some families. From the beginnings of the XX century till the 1950s, before the displacement of the Sassi, it was the Andrulli family’s house, or so called “Cudd ngsset . It is also the birthplace of the current owner of the hotel, Vita Maria: the nickname of Cudd ngsset, that in dialect means “Plastered Neck“, is refered to her grandfather that was an injured soldier of the First World War, since then he had to bring a rigid support at his neck.




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