Our Reception is open from 7:45am to 9pm

The Check-in is from  3pm*  to 8:30pm**

The Check-out is up to 10:30am

We would be glad to know the estimate time of your arrival, above all if it’s before 2pm or after 8pm.

*In case of arrival before 3 pm you can leave your luggage in our Reception and get a map with some tourist information to start the tour of the city. We cannot guarantee the access to your room before 3pm, but,  if it’s logistically possible (as the room can be occupied by previous guests until 10:30am) and if we are promptly informed about the time of your early arrival, we can try to give cleanliness priority to your room.

* LATE CHECK-IN: we inform you that the Reception closes at 9pm, therefore, for late arrivals we offer the possibility to access the room by opening the access door (s) via pin code. In case of access to the room via pin code, an online check-in is required (to be done according to our instructions).  On the contrary, for late check-in in the presence of our staff, with our Reception open on demand, there is a surcharge of €15 and anyway it’s not possible later than 11pm.


Palazzo degli Abati  is located in the Sassi, a UNESCO world heritage and a very ancient historical area of Matera.

Throughout the Sassi area there is a ZTL (LIMITED TRAFFIC ZONE), so access is NOT allowed to tourists’ cars, but only and exclusively to motorcycles, residents and authorized cars (such as taxis, ncc, disabled people and the owners of some commercial activities).

We suggest you the following 4 OPTIONS to reach our property and let you park your car (ordered by increasing cost)

(whichever solution you choose, the Sassi and the historic center can only be visited on foot, so you will not need a car during your stay)

OPTION 1: PARKING FOR FREE ON THE ROAD outside the ZTL (Traffic limited Area) of the  Sassi area and reach us on foot;

OPTION 2: PARK at the “FORNACI” covered MULTIPLE FLOOR car park and reach us on foot (400 meters, 5 minutes on foot);


OPTION 3: PARK at a covered MULTI-STOREY car park “SARAGAT” and reach us with the public bus “LINEA SASSI”;


OPTION 4: PARK at a GUARDED PARKING with TRANSFER service FROM / TO THE HOTEL (by reservation only)



HOW IT WORKS: we are lucky to be a Hotel very close to the ZTL gate  of the Sassi, in Via D’Addozio, which is only 300m away from us. In the area just before the entrance of the Traffic limited area of the Sassi, you can look for a parking space on the streets, and reach us on foot, descending from Via D’Addozio. The streets where you can park are: Via Piave, Via Pentasuglia, Via Volpe, Via Gattini, Via Santo Stefano and Via XX Settembre ( click the map below to enlarge). 

In the map these streets are in GREEN, the violet points indicate the walking route to get to us from these streets, the RED “H” is HOTEL, the ORANGE “B” is our BISTROT (CRIALOSS). Where there are dashes on the green streets, it means is toll parkings, without dashes it means is free parking. The BLUE ARROWS  are the route from the Multystorey Parking “Fornaci” (option 2) to US, passing by the Bistrot.

HOW MUCH IT COSTS: there are free or paid parking slots (blue line, with parking meter, 0.70 cents per hour, except by night from 8:30pm to 8:30am).
HOW TO REACH US from the Parking:  in the below map you can see where we are (in red), where you can look for a free parking slot (in yellow), or a payment parking (in blue) and the walking route from the gate ZTL to our property in Via D’Addozio(in orange). You can also see the arrows that show you the driving way of the streets (main part are one way streets), in green you will see the walking route to reach us walking down the stairs of our Café Bistrot CRIALOSS from Via Santa Cesarea/ Via San Biagio. Furthermore, we inform you that as regards the check-out, on the day of departure, you can get to the hotel by car to load you luggage WITHIN AND NOT LATER THAN 10 AM, after 10AM in fact, all cars that get into the Restricted Traffic Area and/or get out of the Restricted Traffic Area they get a fine as it is forbidden to enter, exit and circulate in the ZTL from 10AM to 00. It is therefore necessary to consider the fact that you can enter by 10, but you must also exit the ZTL before 10. We advise you to follow the map we sent you, instead of the navigator, because navigators in the Sassi are not reliable and can create confusion.

the entrance of our BISTROT CRIALOSS










  • HOW IT WORKS: the covered multi-storey car park “Fornaci” is located in Piazza Cesare Firrao, 400 meters from our hotel (only 5 minutes on foot). 
  • HOW MUCH: on the day of arrival you pay 1 € per hour until midnight. From the next day onwards you pay € 10 per all day long, regardless of the hours used.
  • HOW TO REACH US from the CAR PARK:
  • DON’T TRUST GPS! FOLLOW OUR INSTRUCTIONS 😉  Click   HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO OF THE ROUTE FROM FORNACI TO US    or follow this link  on YouTube  https://youtube.com/shorts/bh0d2bjW2XA If you’re not able to see the video we strongly suggest you to follow this link to reach us without problems and avoid steps as much as possible: https://goo.gl/maps/YJzSVSNzDq2rAfvN9 HAVE A LOOK AT THE BELOW MAP (THE BLUE ARROWS ARE THE ROUTE FROM THE PARKING TO US: from via Amendola, continue straight until the end of Via Amendola (you will find the municipal gardens on the left), once you arrive in via Stigliani turn right, at the end of Via Stigliani turn left towards Via Santa Cesarea: after about 30 meters from the Via Stigliani / Via Santa Cesarea intersection you will find some stairs on the right that descend towards the entrance of our Cafè Bistrot Crialòss (click on the photo to enlarge our entrance). Once you go down the stairs of our Cafè Bistrot on the roof with the tiles on the left there is a door with the lift that takes you to the Reception. We advise you not to use the navigator for the Reception as the entrance is from another street, which is much more complicated to reach. 
  • From us to FORNACI CAR PARK: Click here Video From Palazzo degli Abati – back to Car Park FORNACI          On youtube: https://youtube.com/shorts/ojNdzkokfGs
the entrance of our BISTROT CRIALOSS









  • HOW IT WORKS: the “Saragat” multi-storey car park is located in via Saragat, (toll-free number 800 629 057), and has connections with the Sassi via the public bus “Linea Sassi”  every 30 minutes. The closest stop to us is called “Via D’Addozio-Sant’Agostino” (it takes 8 minutes from the car park) and it is only 1 minute away from us; you can consult the shuttle timetables here:  https://www.busmiccolis.it/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/LINEA-SASSI.pdf
  • HOW MUCH IT COSTS: this parking costs € 0.50 per hour (daily cost of € 12), while the “Sassi Line” shuttle ticket costs € 0.80 per person each way; the ticket on the bus it costs € 1.50 per person.
  • HOW TO REACH US: once you get off at the stop in “Via D’Addozio-Sant’Agostino” and once you have the Church of Sant’Agostino behind you, you will find yourself in front of the “Baccus” restaurant (which is right in front of the Church of Sant ‘Agostino). At this point, once you have seen the Baccus sign, you will have to descend via D’Addozio for about 50 meters and then turn right where there is a narrow street that goes up, while Via D’Addozio will continue to go down; at the end of this small street we find ourselves in the small square, to the right of the Rock Church of San Pietro Barisano / Casa Cava.



  • HOW IT WORKS car park “TA&CO”: once you reach the car park “TA&CO” with your car, they will automatically provide a transfer to our hotel, according to regulations in force anticovid (please notice that the minivan could be shared by other guests, even from other hotels) .
  • HOW MUCH IT COSTS: € 25.00 per night or 20€*. Transfers for check-in and check-out are included in the parking rate. Any further request for transfer services outside of check-in and check-out require a supplement of € 10 for each round trip.*DIRECT BOOKING PROMOTION: In case of direct booking of your stay (not through travel agency, Booking.com, Expedia, or other intermediary channels) we pay for you € 5 per night for the parking, so the final rate for you will be € 20 per night, instead of 25 €. For more information do not hesitate to contact us! This promotion is valid only for this TA&CO car park.
  • OPENING HOURS: from 8am to 8pm. There is a surcharge of € 10 for transfer requests before 8am  and for arrivals after 8pm.
  • HOW TO BOOK IT: We can book it for you once we know the following data: 1) LICENCE PLATE; 2) CAR MODEL; 3) TIME OF ARRIVAL. The parking does NOT accept cars without reservation.
  • WHERE IT IS AND HOW TO REACH IT: the car park is 12 minutes from our hotel. The address is Contrada Rondinelle, Matera, but, as there is no house number, we recommend that you follow the google map directions by clicking directly on this link: https://goo.gl/maps/3fZLrTjxg7XCxtaj6 The TA&CO car park is on state road 99 (Altamura-Matera) , Contrada Rondinelle, just outside Matera, within the area that also hosts “Grieco Caffè” and “Fishing Club Matera”. The GPS coordinates on his navigator are as follows: 40.707581, 16.583151 (or 40 ° 42’27.3 ″ N 16 ° 34’59.3 ″ E). If you have problems reaching the car park, do not hesitate to contact us or contact the car park directly at 3471018256 or 3207113268.


We offer you our willingness to book a GUIDED TOUR, individual or in a group, with an itinerary in the Sassi and/or in the Archaeological Park of the Rock Churches, with an authorized tour guide.

For an individual tour for couples, the cost is €120 in total, from 3 people onwards, instead, you need to add €10 for each additional person beyond the couple (therefore for 3 people it becomes €130, for 4 people €140, etc.; tickets of tourist attractions are excluded). The time and place of departure (generally from our property) are chosen by the guest. The duration of the visit is 2h 30min. *(The cost may vary according to: period, availability and tour guide).

For group tours, on the other hand, the cost can vary, depending on the tour, from €15 to €35 per person. There are both morning and afternoon tours. For more information click here: http://www.palazzodegliabati.it/en/guided-tours/

Another way to visit the Sassi is to take a tour in an Ape Calessino/tuk tuk. There are tours from 45 to 120 minutes, with relative rates from €25 to €50 per person. Contact us for more information and to book this service.