The time has come: start traveling again, start again from Matera. Intimated and easy to visit on foot, Matera contains a historical center, a treasure trove of art and beauty, unique in the world. Stroll through the Sassi, the famous ancient quarters carved out of the rock, making a journey through time and spirit. Each glimpse is a small wonder, a discovery and an emotion: here architecture and nature interpenetrate until they merge.

Matera is the slow city par excellence, to be discovered without haste, fully savoring every moment. We have made a real mission out of this philosophy and being in the heart of the Sasso Barisano we are surrounded by peace and relaxation. Palazzo degli Abati is the perfect place for a new start: welcoming like no other, it is now even safer to give you a worry-free stay in the heart of the Sassi di Matera.

Today our boutique hotel is renewed, in environments and services, to ensure its guests a carefree stay in Matera, implementing all the hygiene and health regulations in force following the Covid-19 emergency worldwide. The warmth of the rooms and our passion for hospitality, however, have not changed at all.

Start traveling again. Start over with us, your clean and safe hotel in Matera.

Check-list for your safe holidays in the Sassi

Sanitation according to law

All the rooms, from the bedrooms to the common areas, are sanitized daily as required by current regulations, thanks to thorough cleaning with alcoholic solutions and the OZONE sanitizer.

Super clean and safe rooms

  • in addition to sanitizing surfaces and objects with alcohol-based detergents, we SANITIZE with OZONE, a gas present in nature; which is able to oxidize and destroy viruses, bacteria, spores and mites on surfaces and upholstery in a safe, rapid, economic and ecological way
  • for the difficult sanitization of padded materials such as pillows or mattresses, we thought to replace punctually, in addition to sheets, breathable waterproof pillowcases and waterproof mattress covers instead of classic pillow covers and mattress covers so that you can really sleep peacefully, without worries
  • in each room there are independent air conditioning and heating systems, they are not central systems
  • in the bathroom we provide disposable courtesy lines
  • we have eliminated unnecessary furnishings
  • we seal objects like telephone and remote control for a greater guarantee of hygiene
  • the rearrangement of the room takes place with your consent and the housekeeper will not touch your personal items
  • the housekeepers clean the room with standard protective devices for your and her safety (mask, disposable non-woven coat and disposable gloves)
  • being a widespread hotel (albergo diffuso) we have the privilege of having completely independent rooms, with external and individual access, without having to go through closed common areas
  • we sanitize the keys to enter the room
  • sheets and towels are washed at a temperature of 90 °C (194°F).

Delicious and varied "à la carte breakfast": in your room or on the panoramic outdoor terrace

In the morning we cuddle you with a tantalizing and varied combination of fresh and local products rigorously portioned for you, in an eco-sustainable, but safe way. Since the buffet is no longer possible, our breakfast has become a buffet breakfast "à la carte": the day of check-in you can select a wide range of products, with a choice of MAINLY sweet or MAINLY savory breakfast. You can enjoy your breakfast in your room if you prefer privacy or on the shared panoramic terrace, with tables distanced properly, to delight the view as well as the taste.

Perfect location

Our accommodation is located in the heart of the Sassi of Matera, exactly in the SASSO BARISANO district. Our enviable position, in addition to making you enjoy the silence and atmosphere of an uncontaminated place, allows you to visit the city and its wonders on foot and in total freedom, without taxis or public transport.

Protected staff

Your prevention starts with our staff: all members of the team in service wear personal protective equipment, compliant with national directives, and respect the interpersonal distances.

Protection at the reception

At the Reception we installed plexiglass panels to allow the management of daily operations and communications with guests in complete safety and we provide an alcohol gel dispenser available for guests.